Finding the Best Hiking Trails in America

Let’s retrieve some of the hidden treasures that lie deep within the lakes and the peaks of the country.

Let’s dig deep to unravel the location of the best hiking spots that lie in the heart of the country waiting to be discovered. What comprises a good hiking trail is its easy accessibility, prominent marking, moderate elevation and maintenance after seasonal meltdowns. Uneven hiking trails that are loaded with dirt, mud and rocks can become troublesome terrains for hikers.

An expansive collection of hiking trails stretches across the outskirts of America. This blog post explores a few selections from this trail collection.


Continental Divide Trail

This is one of the most eccentric and wonderful trails that paves a long trail behind, dividing a continent (hence the name Continental Divide). The trail stretches across 2800 miles of terrain and turns on the navigational ability of hikers. There is plenty of room to walk on an unmarked terrain which is a good and bad thing depending on the preference of hikers. Hiking the CDT is not for the faint of heart as it requires great determination and exploring skills to traverse through as it spans across the deserts, mountains and grizzly bear territories in New Mexico.


Pacific Crest Trail

A lot of hikers gravitate towards the Pacific Crest Trail as it can be traversed by day hiking, section hiking and thru hiking. The picturesque scenery of lakes, mountains and forests can add great value to the hiking experience. The Pacific Crest Trail stretches across 4286 kilometers of land. There are multiple starting points to get on the hiking trail. Hikers can either start from the Mexican/ California border or the Canadian border as per their preference. Pacific Crest Trail offers hikers with plenty of interaction with Mother nature and wildlife.


Superior Trail

Superior Trail is named after the Lake Superior that flows through it. It gives the perfect recluse to hikers from other long and tiring trails. Standing in the middle of the upper Midwest region, Lake Superior offers a majestic view with water, land and air interspersed. The Superior Trail starts in Minnesota and stretches over 250 miles of terrain. No access permit is required and the region is managed by volunteers to give hikers a superior hiking experience than they have had before.

Take away…

Hiking offers a low impact workout opportunity to hikers. The hiking experience helps them in putting life stresses on halt as they bask in nature’s miracles. The community experience is one of the most memorable and challenging ones that makes it ever more rewarding and addictive.

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