How to get out of your own way

The monsters that lie within us can sometimes destroy the best of what lies within!

The demons of procrastination, over-eating, smoking, drinking, shopping, hyper-sexuality etc. can sometimes get the best of us. The world is full of good and bad events, sometimes, we give in to our emotional urges to escape the negative feelings interlinked with these bad feelings.

Not in-tune with Reality

When our goals are not aligned with the reality of the situations that we encounter, we face a lot of frustration. Such unwanted feelings of helplessness can make us unable to cope with the challenges of life. Excessive sleeping, sex, drinking, self-harm etc. is associated with a desperate wish to escape the confines of reality. Self-destructive coping mechanisms can lead to unhealthy patterns of their own that are difficult to handle and extremely hard to overcome.

Battling with Procrastination

Sometimes we become so trapped in the whirlwind of our own thinking that we forget to take action. This can make us procrastinate endlessly and further widen the gap of inaction. Procrastination is a curse that looms over the best of us. It is one of the most prevalent ailments of 21st century, is more addictive than any substance could ever be.

Once we become victims of procrastination, our lives are filled with feelings of doom and despair. The feeling of inadequacy and being unable to perform activities or manage time can badly wound our self-esteem. Procrastination makes a person sink deeper into the pits of depression, agitation and helplessness.

Self-medicating through Substances

Addiction to alcohol and drugs is the epitome of self-destruction. We succumb to a life of dependency when our inner self is corroded with the coldness of this world. Feelings of apathy overwhelm us as we engulf ourselves into pools of alcohol and drug abuse.

Getting hooked on to psychedelics deteriorates our self-control mechanism. These seemingly harmless chemicals make us give in to the worst of our impulsive desires. This endless need to avoid feeling bad and be on top pf the world can drag us into the pits of turmoil and unhappiness.

To sum it up…

The challenges of this age make us feel out of control sometimes. Our struggle to regain emotional balance in life can make us prone to destructive behavior that lasts a lifetime. Not only does these behavior harmfully affect us but also spread like a virus among other lives that we touch. Hence, it is recommended to look for better alternatives to heal and cope, rather than make your life a mess that becomes impossible to clean.

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