How to push yourself to Work out

Exercise is a really enjoyable activity at its heart but our negative patterns of thinking keep us trapped from taking action.  Moving your body is good for your heart and bones, the blood circulation is accelerated that releases endorphins that make you feel more focused, goal oriented and ready to take the day head on.

Integrate Work Out into Your Daily Routine

Just like you make sure that your brush your teeth or have breakfast every morning, exercise should also be integrated into your daily routine so the behavior becomes mechanical. Most of us are foodies or shopaholics, so why not become gymholics. When people are faced with the choice to work out or stay at home ordering in food, they choose the latter option that is injurious to their health and body image.

Stop Making Excuses – Take Action

Some people think that they cannot carve out the time for working out of their busy schedules. Here comes the adage, “Where there is a will, there is a way.”

Our habits are controlled by extrinsic or intrinsic reward mechanisms so we need to choose behaviors that make us feel active and energized as well as make us look great.

Take Control of your Behaviors

You are on the front seat of your car and control the outcomes of your behavior. Believe in yourself and set a time and pace for your work out sessions as per your feasibility. It has been discovered that workout is associated with feelings of being connected, healthy and increased self-esteem.

If you’re not interested in exercising at all, than it’s better to start with extrinsic goals that make you look good and be praised by others. This will add to your feelings of confidence and soon you will be motivated to work out without extra effort or nudging by others.

To sum it up

Not all days are good, sometimes you will have to push yourself off the bed to get out to exercise, other times it will come effortlessly. Working out offers a great chance for social interaction and bonding with others. Finding an exercise buddy for your workout sessions will ramp up your own personal fitness goals. Whatever your work out needs be to feel better, improve health outcomes, bond with others or look good, regularly working out is your elixir for life that will pave the way for enhancing your happiness and longevity.

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