Know the Spiritual Side of Money

Don’t mix money with spirituality! – This is a phrase you must have heard from many people, and read in many places. It is a common belief that money is not something good, and you must not strive for it, if you want spirituality. If truth to be told, this is not the whole reality, but words are thrown on people.

Instead of what our grannies and some people say, money is earned, and it can mix well with spirituality. Thinking money as something bad will make it difficult for you to earn it, and thus you will have to deal with a financial crisis. You will have to make compromise not only on your desires, but needs. You would find yourself incapable of doing anything — from fulfilling your kids’ desires to maintaining a good standard of living.

We need to understand that a few more bucks in the pocket are enough to empower you to do many things which you can’t when you have not much money. Money empowers you to be more effective in your service, buy resources, forge relationships, and relationships that can aid spiritual development. What’s more, having a good amount can help you to move at all levels of society as needed for your service.

Considering the importance money has, there’s no need to experience guilt while making money. We need to understand that money and spirituality complement one another. And, being a human, we need to acknowledge our spiritual side and realize that physical living, when motivated from the spiritual levels, is equally important as a spiritual practice is. And, there’s no better gift you can give to the world than being a ‘spiritual master’. To be a ‘spiritual master’, all you need is resistance and indolence. You need to spend on humanity for better, and make the most of what you have. You need to spend on your own self. And, this is how you can satisfy your spiritual side.

To make things a little clearer, remember, we all are caged in a wealthy spirit. Your spirit is what you are in actual – – it is Affection, Concord, Veracity, Contentment, and Ecstasy. And, remember, abundant life is spiritual life. The reasoning goes simple — when you start considering yourself being abundant within, you create financial abundance in the outside world. In other words, with financial abundance, you can get to increase your life experiences, which ultimately leads to an intensification of your spiritual side.

No point mentioned above claims that money makes everything perfect, and is a real source of happiness and peace. Instead, it clarifies the importance of money in one’s life — both physically and spiritually. Our souls always want to expand. And, it can expand by going through various life experiences. And, money, in this way, can help our soul grow by allowing us to live our best.

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