Top 3 Mountain Biking Trails

Mountain Biking is an adventurous sport but location is pivotal to the success of these rides. In this blog post we will explore some of the top trails for mountain biking.


Colorado – USA

Biking across the state of Colorado is where the gold lies in trails. Your pulse will be set on fire as you race across the colorful meadows and trees. With silence and calmness all around, you will be filled with a deeply ecstatic feeling while riding. As your bike pierces through the trees and you dip into the colorful explosion of flowery meadows, your mountain bike experience will be unlike any other.


British Columbia – Canada

One of the legendary trails in mountain biking points towards the Whistler Park in the Canadian region. You will arrive at the highest point of the Alpines by a chairlift with your feet hanging lose. This trail has become the landmark for offering once in a lifetime biking experience for riders with the adrenaline rush as the bike passes through the bumps and jumps on the path. This experience will make you feel brave and exhilarated at the end of your ride down-hill.


The Old Ghost Road – New Zealand

The Old Ghost Road is an experience in itself instead of just a biking trail. The view is quite profound with never ending rows of hills entwined around the forest. The start of the hike is a bit draining as you will have to climb up but the ride is equally rewarding.

Lying under the starry skies will give you an everlasting joy and the rays of sunlight illuminating the tropical forest will revitalize your senses. During the ride downhill, you will clench your jaws and fists as the gush of wind will sweep across your face. The initial ascent will give you some downtime to enjoy, relax and bond with the community. In the same way, the ride downward will make you feel rejuvenated and fresh.


Achnschellach – Scotland

 The exotic scenery of Scotland offers the perfect recluse for Mountain bikers. The trail is lined by rocks, making the technical twists and turns as challenging as ever. Scotland’s west coast is filled with a mystical atmosphere and the temperature is cold and icy. With glacier slabs everywhere, you will forge your bike across the rocks, technical twists and turns at full speed.


Take away…

Narrowing down your search for the best mountain biking trails is a hard nut to crack. There is a wide array of options for bikers to choose from but in the end your personal experience and preferences can get you hooked on to a particular biking trail for life.

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