About James Patrick Eynon

Born on Long Island New York and growing up in the Hudson Valley, James Patrick Eynon found a love for entrepreneurship at a very early age. His first financial enterprise was to scrounge the local railways for the right pieces of coal to compress into diamonds in the backyard with towers of cinder blocks and a lot of patience. The spirit of entrepreneurship was driving him forward, even if there was still much to learn. From mowing lawns and washing cars, to selling candy to his fellows in grade school, James began his early life with a mind for enterprise.

Growing up in a family with constant financial distress James sought a better life for himself and his family. Moving from home and to home and even a short stint in a homeless shelter, James Patrick sought the teachings of not only those who had found financial freedom, but those who did it with integrity and respect. From Kiyosaki, to Orman, Carnegie and Simmons, James found the heart in their teachings and has continued to use the principles of care, empathy, respect and altruism in his personal and professional life.

In his mid twenties, James discovered his true purpose in life and the path that would open the door to financial freedom for himself and many others. Real estate. A chance encounter with a succesful and kind mentor launched Mr. Eynon into the wonderful world of real estate investing. Always with a heart for helping others, James founded a real estate investing company on the principles of empathy, care and respect. They have helped hundreds of homeowners transition from difficult situations and begin new chapters in their lives.

James P. Eynon enjoys travelling and spending as much time in the great outdoors as possible. He loves hiking, mountain biking and snowboarding. A man of second chances, he spends much of his time helping fellow addicts turn their lives around. He and his wife Kristy reside in Palm City, FL with their small menagerie of furry friends